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Power Sound Module Stage 3 for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292

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  • C292-PSMS-2
  • 5,00 kg
Power Sound Module Stage 3 with two sound generators and original Maserati Ghibli Sound-Control... more
Product information "Power Sound Module Stage 3 for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292"
Power Sound Module Stage 3 with two sound generators and original Maserati Ghibli Sound-Control unit for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 diesel and petrol models
(Active sound system for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292)

Now also available for the Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 which CHROMETEC Power Sound Module Stage 3 with the absolute sound. Maximum sound by using two sound generators and the original Maserati Ghibli Diesel sound controller towards only one in the conventional Actice sound generator. A system similar to the Active sound system, which is built by Audi in the 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine, which allows a V8 sound the diesel engine or petrol engine.

In our Power Sound Module of the sound is not generated as conventionally via a sport exhaust system but an external sound module synthetically generated the sound of a large-capacity motor.
By using a second sound generator not only the sound even fuller and sporty but the volume level is increased by about 5 to 6 dB, resulting in a subjetiven volume increase by more than 50% entspricht.Dazu combination with the Maserati Sound controller a incomparably deep and sonorous sound is second to none.

The sound spectrum of the sound module can be achieved with any sport exhaust, because the sound is generated synthetically and not as herkömlicherweise through the exhaust. Therefore, would not sound as good as gain expected by a sport exhaust during this engine. Given the volume is variable in four stages, and the system can be switched off completely.
three different profiles can be selected via a long press on the ESP button, this can be configured directly with different volumes in the vehicle without additional aids. If desired, a Morostartbegleitung as in the AMG models can be set.

The perfect alternative to a traditional sport exhaust. The perfect complement to our sound module, we recommend the rear conversion to the Mercedes-AMG 63 look with the original AMG tailpipes.
  • 3 different profiles selectable via pushbutton
  • Volume of the sound profiles configurable directly in the vehicle
  • Very Powerful V8 sound by second sound generator
  • original Maserati Ghibli Diesel Sound controller
  • Engine start monitoring selected (as in the AMG models)
  • 2 external sound modules from durable stainless steel
  • similar to the Audi Active Sound System
  • completely pre-assembled cable set
  • Connection to the vehicle 's CAN bus
  • full coverage of the driving conditions for the perfect sound
  • complete deinstallation in case of a lease return
Fits following Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 models:
  • Mercedes GLE 400 4MATIC Coupe
  • Mercedes GLE 450 AMG 4MATIC Coupe
  • Mercedes GLE 500 4MATIC Coupe
  • Mercedes GLE 350d 4MATIC Coupe
The Active sound module is in principle also in the Mercedes-AMG GLE models 63 and 63s sheetingable but by the already high sound level of the AMG models is a further sound earnings predictable.

A perfect Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 Tuning Part and the perfect alternative to a sport exhaust

Here can you see a Video from our Mercedes GLE Coupe 350d