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Power Sound Modul System for Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door X290

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  • X290-PSMS
  • 5,00 kg
Power sound module system for the Mercedes AMG GT 4-door X290 including app control... more
Product information "Power Sound Modul System for Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door X290"

Power sound module system for the Mercedes AMG GT 4-door X290 including app control

Now also available for the Mercedes AMG GT 4-door X290, the CHROMETEC V8 sound module with rich V8 sound for your X290. A system similar to the Active Sound System, which Audi
Cylinder biturbo engines are installed and a V8 sound for diesel or petrol engines is possible. With our Active Sound module, the sound is not generated as usual via a sports exhaust system, but an external noise module synthetically generates the sound of a large-volume engine.

Perfect sound thanks to our V8 sound module, now completely different new sounds can be selected and with many new additional functions such as separately adjustable idle volume and irregular running, misfiring, speed and load-dependent volume.
Of course, the new sound module can still be controlled and operated via the mobile app. The function of operation via
in-vehicle keys are also retained. Thanks to the wide range of settings, the sound can be perfectly matched to the sound of the AMG GT 53, thereby generating the maximum sound volume. Of course, our V8 sound module can also be used to support the exhaust sound of the AMG GT 63.

The sound spectrum of the sound module cannot be reached with any sports exhaust, since the sound and volume can be configured. Normally, two volume levels are quiet / loud and the system is preset, but the levels can be changed if desired. The Active Sound System is operated via an in-vehicle switch or our app and there is no need to install a separate switch in the vehicle.

Now brand new, the app control for our V8 sound module. Available for Apple and Android. With our CHROMETEC mobile app you can control your sound module either via the vehicle's internal switch or via the app. Easy adjustment of the volume and diagnostic function included.

The perfect alternative to a sports exhaust. As an optimal addition to our sound module for the MG GT 53, we recommend rear conversion on the Mercedes-AMG GT 63.

Suitable for all Mercedes AMG GT 4-door models.
  • Three volume levels preconfigured: quiet / loud / off
  • Volume can be changed using the vehicle's internal switch or app
  • Powerful selectable V8 sound
  • Misfire (Backfire) selectable and controllable
  • Many more settings
  • External noise module made of durable stainless steel
  • Completely assembled cable set
  • Connection to the vehicle CAN bus
  • complete recording of driving conditions for the perfect sound
  • completely retrofittable in the event of a leasing return
The advantages of app control:
  • Foolproof control and programming via smartphone
  • Automatic connection via Bluetooth
  • Optional PIN entry for security
  • Different languages ​​selectable
  • Diagnostic function
  • Demo mode for testing or demonstrating the system while standing
  • Update function for new functions or when changing vehicles
A perfect Mercedes AMG GT 4-door X290 tuning part that leaves nothing to be desired