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Panamericana Grill Mercedes

Give your vehicle the ultimate AMG 63 look with the Panamericana Grill. The radiator grill for Mercedes models is the current trend in the Mercedes tuning community. Whether black, chrome-black or silver, the radiator grill with the vertical struts turns every vehicle into a visual highlight.

Panamericana Grill - with increasing demand. Upgrade your Mercedes with a Panamericana grill today. (Link to category)

Radiator grill Panamericana


Almost all new Mercedes models can be upgraded with the Panamericana Grill. Regardless whether its a new or an older model. The Panamericana grill provides an individual touch for every single automotive and makes tuner's hearts beat faster.

The radiator grill is the ideal compromise for Mercedes enthusiasts. The visual highlight which conveys a sporty, stylish look and simultaneously pursues a purely visual upgrading of Mercedes models.

Further exciting facts about the Mercedes Panamericana Grill are revealed by automotive tuning expert Patrick Grimm in an exclusive interview about the Panamericana Style Grill 

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Panamericana Grill - Available in the following colors: 

  • black-gloss
  • black-matt
  • silber
  • chrome
  • chrome-black

An accurate and more comprehensive color and model compatability is provided in the following tabloid: 









A-Class W176

A-Klasse W176 black Mercedes Benz A-Class W176 silver


A-Class W177 A-Klasse W177 black - A-Class W177 chrome
C-Class W205

C-205 black before facelift

C-205 black facelift 

C-205 silver facelift


CLA W117

CLA W117 black - CLA W117 chrome
CLS W218 - -

CLS W218 chrom before facelift

CLS W257 CLS W257 black - CLS W257 chrome
E-Class T-Modell & Cabrio

E-Class T-Modell black

E-Class T-Modell black cabrio

- -
E-Class W213 E-Class W213 black - E-Class W213 chrome-black
 GLC Coupe C253 GLC Coupe C253 black GLC Coupe C253  silver  -
 GLC  X253  - Mercedes GLC X253 silver  -
GLE Coupe C292  GLE Coupe C292 black GLE Coupe C292 silver  -
 GLS X 167 GLS X167 black   - GLS X167 chrome-black
ML W166 ML W166 black ML W166 silver   
SLC R172 SLC R172 black SLC R172 silver  -
SLK R172 SLK R172 black SLK R172 silver  
V-Class/ Vito 447 V-Class & Vito 447 black - V-Class & Vito 447 chrome-black
X-Class X470

X-Klasse X470 black gloss

X-Klasse X470 silver  -



Panamericana grill installation


The installation of a Mercedes radiator grill should be carried out by a specialist workshop. This is because the front bumper must be removed for the upgrade. Since only the radiator grill is replaced, the body itself is not modified. A return to the original condition is therefore possible at any time. Another advantage of the Panamericana grill is that the Mercedes star can also be easily adopted during installation. The entire upgrade by professionals takes around three hours and ensures safe and stylish driving pleasure.

 We will gladly take care of the professional installation of your Panamericana grill. Arrange an installation appointment today.

Panamericana Grill Special - Night Package

A highlight of the Mercedes Panamericana Grill is the so-called Night Package. Inspired by racing, the radiator grille in high-gloss black gives the ultimate special look.

Panamericana Grill - The most important features at a glance


  •  Ultimate AMG 63 look
  •  Sporty, stylish radiator grille
  •  Individual facelift
  •  Special Night package
  •  No body modification necessary
  •  Conversion to original condition possible at any time
  •  Installation by specialist workshop necessary
  •  Possible for almost all Mercedes models

Panamericana grill  


 Let the phenomenal look convince you: