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Shipping and payment terms

1. Delivery, Payments, Shipping

Our offers are subject to change without notice, are quoted per piece (unless otherwise stated) and include the statutory VAT, unless otherwise stated. Shipping costs are incurred as stated, increases are subject to change. Delivery and invoicing shall be effected at the prices and conditions last updated by us before dispatch of the goods and while stocks last. In this respect, orders are generally to be regarded as binding offers, which we only accept through delivery. However, should we not be able to deliver, any amounts paid in advance will be refunded.

Goods in stock will be dispatched within 24 hours after receipt of order and payment. Usually, delivery times of 24 - 72 hours can be expected. In exceptional cases the delivery time can be up to 30 days.
Should the delivery time exceed 30 days, the customer will be informed via email. If the buyer withdraws from the purchase contract after exceeding these deadlines, no costs will arise for both parties. Any advance payments made will be refunded immediately.

In case of delivery difficulties due to force majeure, operational disruptions, material procurement problems, or labor disputes, CHROMETEC. GmbH shall not be liable for any costs that may arise. In such cases, the delivery period shall be extended by the period of time required to eliminate the problems. CHROMETEC. GmbH shall generally be entitled to make partial deliveries without prior agreement, provided that such partial deliveries are reasonable for the client. In these cases, the customer shall be obliged to accept them as well. The company CHROMETEC. GmbH reserves the right to substitute a product of equal value or to refuse delivery in case of unavailability.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all products shall be delivered by a transport company, at CHROMETEC's discretion. GmbH, at its discretion.

In general, all deliveries shall only be made upon advance payment. For this purpose, the amount including shipping costs communicated by us via e-mail can be transferred to our account:
CHROMETEC. GmbH, Sparkasse Mainfranken, bank code: 790 500 00, account number: 470 657 68.

In principle we ship within the EU with DPD. One factor for the calculation of the shipping rates is the actual total weight of all packages in a shipment. Therefore the weight of the article in the shop can be the actual weight. Dividable parcels with a weight over 100Kg will be shipped depending on the article weight, e.g. total weight 120Kg, article weight 80Kg + 40Kg = 2 parcels with 80Kg and 40Kg each. Non-divisible consignments with a weight over 100Kg or a strap dimension over 300cm (2x width + 2x height + 1x length of the package) are sent by us by forwarding agency. Costs for the forwarding agency dispatch you receive with us on inquiry under indication of the ship-to-address. Corresponding articles contain the note in the description. All prices incl. 19% VAT.

Shipping to Germany:
up to 3kg 10,- Euro
up to 5kg 12,- Euro
up to 15kg 14,- Euro
up to 30kg 19,- Euro
up to 50kg 26,- Euro
up to 75kg 42,- Euro
up to 100kg 54,- Euro
from 100kg 200,- Euro

up to 3kg 16,- Euro
up to 5kg 18,- Euro
up to 15kg 25,- Euro
up to 30kg 32,- Euro
up to 50kg 54,- Euro
up to 75kg 70,- Euro
up to 100kg 80,- Euro
from 100kg 250,- Euro
Additional max. delivery time 3-4 days

Shipping to SM, VA, SP, SK, SE, CH, PL, PT, MC, IE, FI, AD, BA, HR, HU, LT, NO, YU, LV, EE, ES:
up to 3kg 34,- Euro
up to 5kg 40,- Euro
up to 15kg 46,- Euro
up to 30kg 52,- Euro
up to 50kg 78,- Euro
up to 75kg 92,- Euro
up to 100kg 120,- Euro
from  100kg 280,- Euro
Additional max. delivery time 5-6 days

Shipping to GI, GR, RO, RU, UA, MD, MT, MK, IS, GE, CY, BG, AL, AM, FO:
up to 3kg 55,- Euro
up to 5kg 60,- Euro
up to 15kg 68,- Euro
up to 30kg 100,- Euro
up to 50kg 126,- Euro
up to 75kg 156,- Euro
up to 100kg 185,- Euro
from 100kg 350,- Euro
Additional max. delivery time 5-6 days

Shipping to TR, MA, PM, QA, TN, YE, SA, SY, US, OM, LB, LY, DZ, IR, IL, JO, IQ, EG, BH, CA, KZ, AZ, GL, AF, AS, AO, AI, AG, AR, AW, BS, BD, BB, BZ, BJ, BM, BT, BO, BW, BR, IO, BN, BF, BI, KH, CM, CV, KY, CF TD, CL, CN, CC, CO, KM, DG, CR, CI, CU, EC, SV, ER, ET, FK, FJ, GF, PF, GA, GM, GH, GD, GP, GT, GN, GW, GY, HT, HN, HK, IN, ID:
up to 3kg 79,- Euro
up to 5kg 106,- Euro
up to 12kg 126,- Euro
up to 20kg 186,- Euro
up to 30kg 245,- Euro
up to 50kg 318,- Euro
up to 75kg 366,- Euro
up to 100kg 584,- Euro
from  100kg 800,- Euro
Additional max. delivery time 6-8 days

Shipping to KW, AE, DM, DO, MO, MG, MW, MY, MV, ML, MQ, MR, MU, MX, MN, MS, MZ, MM, NA, NR, NP, AN, NC, NZ, NI, NE, NG, PK, PA, PG, PY, PE, PH, PN, RE, KN, LC, VC, SN, SC, SL, SO, LK, SR, SZ, ZA, SG, TG, TH, TZ, TT, TO, TM, TV, VN, WG, VE, UG, UZ, UY, ST, SH, SD, TW, GQ, LR, DJ, CG, RW, ZM ZW, JP, AU
up to 3kg 108,- Euro
up to 5kg 150,- Euro
up to 12kg 180,- Euro
up to 20kg 240,- Euro
up to 30kg 350,- Euro
up to 50kg 410,- Euro
up to 75kg 500,- Euro
up to 100kg 670,- Euro
from 100kg 1000,- Euro
Additional max. delivery time 6-8 days