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Convertible Top Control Module for Mercedes C-Class Cabrio A205

Convertible Top Control Module for Mercedes C-Class Cabrio A205

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  • MB-A205DSM
  • 1,00 kg
Convertible steering module for Mercedes C-Class convertible A205 Comfort top control... more
Product information "Convertible Top Control Module for Mercedes C-Class Cabrio A205"
Convertible steering module for Mercedes C-Class convertible A205

Comfort top control module for every Mercedes C-Class Convertible A205. Remote control of the A205 soft top with full range of the remote control, one-touch operation via the interior button, AirCap automatic, remote control of the windows and much more. Enjoy the extended range of comfort to operate the convertible top of your C-Class A205 with your original car key.

Attention! The convertible control module for the C-Class convertible is now available as a brand new vehicle and can of course be installed by us in its C-Class convertible.

Fits all C-Class A205 convertible models:
  • Mercedes C-Class C180 convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class C200 convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class C250 convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class C300 Convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class C400 convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class C220d convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class C250d convertible
  • Mercedes AMG A205 C43 Convertible
  • Mercedes AMG A205 C63 Convertible
  • Mercedes AMG A205 C63 S Convertible
Also suitable for the Mercedes S-Class Convertible A217 from model year 2016 with the same functional range.

Product details:
  • Increase in range - top and window operation up to the full range of the remote control.
  • AirCap automatic - Aircap can be extended automatically after roof opening
  • Window remote control - Open and shut the windows separately via the radio remote control
  • One-touch control - A short touch of the soft top switch opens or closes the soft top
  • Window comfort mode - One-Touch Convenience for the All Windows button in the interior
  • Soft-top comfort mode - Starting or stopping the engine does not interrupt the running top function
  • Keyless roof control - in vehicles with keyless entry, the canopy can be operated by touching the door handle
  • You can operate the convertible top by means of the convertible top switch and its standard car key.
  • Convenient menu navigation in the display - each setting can be read in the display.
  • Easy assembly through plug-in installation. No cables need to be cut through for installation.
  • The installation time is approx. 1.5 hours. Extensively illustrated and easy to understand installation instructions.
  • All standard safety and shut-off functions remain unchanged.
  • Professional module technology with very low residual current requirement below 0.8 mA.
  • For workshop stays, the convertible control module can be deactivated and reactivated at any time at the push of a button.
  • The original opening and closing of the canopy during the ride remains of course unaffected!
No changes were made to the switch-off behavior of the convertible top. All other factory functions remain intact.

A great Mercedes C-Class Cabrio A205 and S-Class A217 Tuning Product that leaves nothing to be desired!