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Power Modul Mercedes GLC X253 43 AMG

Power Modul Mercedes GLC X253 43 AMG

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  • X253-PM-43-AMG
  • 5,00 kg
Performance increase with a PowerControl module for the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC The... more
Product information "Power Modul Mercedes GLC X253 43 AMG"
Performance increase with a PowerControl module for the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC

The performance increase via an additional control module gives your Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 the performance you have always wanted. The advantages compared to a conventional chip tune are obvious, more power and torque in any position, easy to install and can be rebuilt at any time. This is different in a conventional chip tuning, in which values ​​in the engine control unit are simply overwritten and the control unit itself is partly manipulated. This does not cause any problems in the case of an ECU update on the part of Mercedes because, in such a case, the changed data record is simply overwritten by means of the update.

The performance increases from 367HP by about 74HP to 441HP
The torque increases from 520Nm by about 80Nm to 600Nm

Exhaust gas standard remains unchanged!

Fits the following Mercedes GLC X253 models:
  • Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC
Easy and fast assembly:
Specially designed for the Mercedes GLC X253 cable sets and plug connections reduce the assembly time to below
one hour. A detailed and illustrated installation instructions are included with the module. The easy-to-use retrofit in the event of a leasing return is possible at any time.

Completely neutral in maintenance:
Your vehicle can still be serviced by your workshop as a standard vehicle. The built-in module does not generate an error code when reading with the Stardiagnose by a service technician.

For this performance increase, no vehicle-specific parts inspection is currently available. It is, however, basically possible to register by individual acceptance.

Of course, you can also integrate your new performance with us, call us.

Mercedes GLC X253 Chiptuning of a special kind!