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Power-Converter for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292

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  • MB-PCCS-C292
  • 3,50 kg
Power Converter Box Accelerator for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 GLE Coupe C292 Tuning special.... more
Product information "Power-Converter for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292"
Power Converter Box Accelerator for Mercedes GLE Coupe C292

GLE Coupe C292 Tuning special.

Ideal for all Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 models and harmonizes perfectly with the automatic transmission. The pedal box is connected to the accelerator pedal of the vehicle-mounted accelerator electronics. The module bitet three driving modes by the slow response time of the electronic accelerator pedal is fully lifted, while significantly improving the acceleration. By three Programe, the reaction time can be individually adapted to the respective needs.
  • Significant improvement in performance potential and torque already from low engine speeds over the entire speed range
  • Very fast responsive feel - Through the very powerful response of the driver has a subjective feeling of a very noticeable increase in performance. Much more effective as chip tuning, because the power delivery and torque performance has already been in the low speed ranges fully available
  • A positive side effect is reduced if the driving style, its spontaneous response reduces fuel consumption
  • no additional load on the engine, since no action on the engine electronics
  • Three preset driving modes and additional function of fine-tuning
  • Noticeably powerful acceleration
  • Easy installation (about 15 minutes) through plug and play connector
  • The Power Converter may at any time, without leaving any traces, to be expanded again and reinstalled in another Mercedes. Optimal for leased vehicles
  • Proposal has no disadvantages for vehicle, engine and electronics.

A great Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 Tuning product the way you want it!