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Performance Tuning Module for the new Mercedes G-Class W463 400d

Performance Tuning Module for the new Mercedes G-Class W463 400d

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  • W463-N-PM-400d
  • 5,00 kg
Performance increase through an additional control unit for the new Mercedes G-Class 400d from... more
Product information "Performance Tuning Module for the new Mercedes G-Class W463 400d"

Performance increase through an additional control unit for the new Mercedes G-Class 400d from Mj. 2018

The increase in performance via an additional control module gives your Mercedes G-Class W463 the performance you have always wanted. The advantages over conventional chip tuning are clear to see, more power and torque in every position, simple installation and can be retrofitted at any time, unlike conventional chip tuning, in which values ​​in the engine control unit are simply overwritten and the control unit itself is sometimes manipulated.

Maximum protection for the engine through the Engine Protect function. The control module continuously monitors the signals from the engine management, thereby protecting the connected sensors and the engine control against overload. The original protective functions of the engine are retained and you have maximum safety for your vehicle

Thanks to the adaptive power regulation, more power and, depending on the driving style, less fuel consumption can be combined. The performance of the tuning is automatically regulated depending on the load of the engine. A lot of power when it is needed, less consumption when possible. Intelligent tuning par excellence!

Automatic adaptation to the individual performance characteristics of your vehicle. The chip tuning module records individual data of the respective engine during a short break-in period and then coordinates the optimization of the performance increase. This balances the series tolerances and achieves an optimal result for the increase in performance.

2-year vehicle and engine guarantee for private customers. If our chip tuning module is installed, we offer you a guarantee of up to EUR 7,500 for all relevant parts of the engine and power transmission up to a total mileage of 100,000 km and a vehicle age of 3 years from the first registration.

Of course, we also provide an illustrated installation guide. This increase in performance is currently without TÜV, the parts certificate is in preparation and will be available in a while!
The perfect and simple alternative to conventional chip tuning.

Performance data series:
Power: 330hp
Torque: 700Nm

Data after performance increase:
Power: 361PS
Torque: 769Nm

Performance increase: + 31PS + 69Nm

Emission standard remains unchanged!

Suitable for the following Mercedes G-Class W463 from Mj. 2018:
  • Mercedes G-Class G400d
Detailed and illustrated installation instructions are included with the module. The trace-free retrofitting in the event of a leasing return is possible at any time without any problems. Of course, you can also have your new performance upgrade installed by us. On request, we can also take care of the TÜV formalities for you.

Completely neutral in maintenance:
Your vehicle can continue to be serviced by your workshop like a standard vehicle. The built-in module does not generate an error code when read out by a service technician.

A great Mercedes G-Class W463 tuning part that leaves nothing to be desired!