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Power Sound Modul System - Mercedes SLC R172 Gasoline

Power Sound Modul System - Mercedes SLC R172 Gasoline

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  • SLC-R172-PSMS
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Power Sound Module system for the new Mercedes SLC R172 petrol models (Active Sound System... more
Product information "Power Sound Modul System - Mercedes SLC R172 Gasoline"

Power Sound Module system for the new Mercedes SLC R172 petrol models
(Active Sound System for a real V8 sound on your Mercedes SLC R172)

Now brand new for the Mercedes SLC available, the Power Sound Module with authentic V8 sound for the facelifted R172 with gasoline engine. Mercedes Sound tuning similar to the Active Sound System is installed which Audi in the 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine, which allows a V8 sound when SLC facelift.

With our Active Sound section of the tone is not generated as conventionally via a sport exhaust but an external sound module synthetically generated the sound of a large-capacity motor. The sound spectrum of Active sound module is achieved with any sport exhaust, because the sound yield is very low even at today's low-volume gasoline engines. Therefore, the sound module is the perfect alternative to a traditional sport exhaust.

The control and programming via the factory cruise control lever and it can do is three volume profiles (loud - soft - out) are switched depending on the model on the E-M-S or ECO button. No additional switch for controlling the sound module requires.

  • Volume in five levels changed
  • Control and programming via the cruise control lever
  • three volume profiles configurable
  • Powerful V8 sound
  • similar to the Audi Active Sound System
  • Exterior Sound Module from durable stainless steel
  • completely pre-assembled cable set
  • Connection to the vehicle 's CAN bus
  • full coverage of the driving conditions for the perfect sound

Altering perfect sound tuning without the appearance of the vehicle by a sport exhaust. The sound module is a purely acoustic component and contains no optical changes to the vehicle as other tailpipes or the like.

In the Mercedes SLC R172 sound generator due to lack of space will be fitted under the vehicle in the spare-well, hence the installation is recommended in our house. For an offer for the installation call us.

Fits following Mercedes SLC R172 models:

  • Mercedes SLC 180
  • Mercedes SLC 200
  • Mercedes SLC 300

The Active sound module is in principle also in the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 sheetingable but by the already high sound level of the original built-in dampers exhaust the AMG models is a further sound earnings predictable.

A great Mercedes SLC R172 Tuning product the way you want it!

Following you can find our Soundvideo where you can here our Soundsystem at a SLK R172 250 CDI:

The perfekt Alternative to a Sport Exhaust.