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Performance Increase Modul for V-Class V200 d and V200 d 4MATIC

Performance Increase Modul for V-Class V200 d and V200 d 4MATIC

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  • W447-PM-200d
  • 5,00 kg
Performance increase with an additional control unit for the Mercedes V-Class 447 V200 d and... more
Product information "Performance Increase Modul for V-Class V200 d and V200 d 4MATIC"
Performance increase with an additional control unit for the Mercedes V-Class 447 V200 d and V200 d 4MATIC

The performance enhancement via an additional control module gives your Mercedes v-Class the performance you have always wanted. The advantages compared to a conventional chip tune are obvious, more power and torque in every position, easy to install and can be re-installed at any time, unlike conventional chip tuning, simply overwriting the values ​​in the engine control unit and partly manipulating the control unit itself.

Maximum engine protection through Engine Protect function. The control module continuously monitors the signals of the motor management and thus protects the connected sensors and the motor control against overload. This keeps the engine's original protective functions and ensures maximum safety for your vehicle

The adaptive power control system allows for more power and, depending on the driving style, a lower fuel consumption. Depending on the load state of the engine, the power of the tuning is automatically adjusted. Much power when needed, less consumption if possible. Intelligent tuning par exellence!

Automatic adaptation to the individual performance characteristics of your vehicle. The chip tuning module collects individual data of the respective motor during a short retraction period and then optimizes the optimization of the power increase. This results in a balancing of the serial tolerances and an optimal result is achieved for the performance increase.

2-year vehicle and engine warranty for private customers. For shunting our chip tuning module, we offer a warranty on all relevant parts of the engine and power transmission up to 7,500 EUR in case of repair up to a total driving performance of 100,000km and a vehicle age of 3 years from the date of initial registration.

The latest technology is now even faster and more precise thanks to state-of-the-art multi-map technology. Also controllable by app via smartphone. With the new performance enhancement, you have the opportunity to choose between the three driving programs Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency, which are each fine tuned again in 7 stages. With the help of the warm-up timer, the tuning starts only on request after a certain time and at the appropriate operating temperature.
The app control is bookable for a small additional charge, call us!

At the moment there are no vehicle-specific parts for the V200 d yet. Of course, we provide detailed and illustrated installation instructions. The perfect and simple alternative to conventional chip tuning.

Performance data Series:
Power: 136HP
Torque: 330Nm

Data with performance increase:
Power: 171HP
Torque: 410Nm

Performance increase:
+ 35HP + 80Nm

Exhaust gas standard remains unchanged!

Fits the following Mercedes V-Class 447 Models:
  • Mercedes V-Class 447 V200 d
  • Mercedes V-Class 447 V200 d 4MATIC
The advantages of app control:
  • Easy to use via mobile app via smartphone
  • 3 selectable driving programs
  • 7 performance levels
  • Adjustable warm up timer
  • Sport instruments including boost pressure and G-force indicator
Easy and fast assembly:
Specially designed kabel sets and plug connections for the Mercedes V-Class V200 d reduce the assembly time to approximately one to two hours. A detailed and illustrated installation instructions are included with the module. The easy-to-use retrofit in case of leasing is possible at any time.

Completely neutral in maintenance:
Your vehicle can still be serviced by your workshop as a standard vehicle. The built-in module does not generate an error code when read by a service technician.

We provide this performance increase with vehicle-specific parts reviews, which can be easily registered by a technical expert (TÜV or Dekra). This does not lead to problems with the inspection of the TÜV or with a traffic control.

Of course, you can also integrate your new performance with us, on request, we also carry out the TÜV formalities for you.

A great Mercedes V-Class 447 V200 d tuning part that leaves nothing to be desired!