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Power Soundmodule System for X-Klasse BR 470 Pickup

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  • BR470-PSMS
  • 5,00 kg
CHROMETEC sound module with rich V8 sound for the Mercedes X-Class BR 470 Pickup Now... more
Product information "Power Soundmodule System for X-Klasse BR 470 Pickup"
CHROMETEC sound module with rich V8 sound for the Mercedes X-Class BR 470 Pickup

Now finally available for the new Mercedes X-Class BR 470, our proven PowerSound module. V8 sound for their X-Class pickup diesel. A system similar to the Active Sound System, which is installed by Audi in the 6-cylinder biturbo engines, which allows a powerful and voluminous V8 sound also with the diesel engine.
With our PowerSound module, the sound is not produced as usual via a sports exhaust, but an external sound module generates the sound of a large-volume engine synthetically.

The sound spectrum of the sound module can not be achieved with any sports exhaust, since the sound output of a diesel engine is only minimal due to its design. The system is operated by means of a standard switch or the cruise control lever, no additional switch must be installed. Three volume levels are programmed, which can be changed at any time via a short switch pressure.
  • Volume adjustable infinitely
  • Control via vehicle switch
  • Powerful V8 sound
  • similar to the Audi Active Sound System
  • Exterior sound module made of durable stainless steel
  • completely pre-assembled cable set
  • Connection to the CAN bus on the vehicle side
  • complete recording of the driving conditions for the perfect sound
Perfect sound without changing the look of the Mercedes X-Class pickup.

In the case of the X-Class BR 470, the sound generator is installed under the body on the vehicle frame, so it is recommended to install it in the house. Please call us for an offer for installation.

Fits all Mercedes X-Class Pickup Models:
  • Mercedes X-Class X 220d
  • Mercedes X-Class X 220 4MATIC
  • Mercedes X-Class X 250d
  • Mercedes X-Class X 250d 4MATIC
  • Mercedes X-Class X 350d 4MATIC
A perfect Mercedes X-Class BR 470 Pickup Tuning-Part, which leaves nothing to be desired