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Power Converter Mercedes C-Class W205

Power Converter Mercedes C-Class W205

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  • MB-PCCS-W205
  • 3,50 kg
Power Converter for Mercedes C-Class W205 Sedan and T-Model Our accelerator module is... more
Product information "Power Converter Mercedes C-Class W205"

Power Converter for Mercedes C-Class W205 Sedan and T-Model

Our accelerator module is plugged on the accelerator between. The slow response time caused the electronic accelerator pedal completely abolished, while enhancing the acceleration significantly. The Power-Converter has four pre-programmed driving modes "Sport", "Sport Plus", "City" and "OFF" to the driver the opportunity to give the response of the accelerator pedal as needed to adapt to the respective traffic situation.

The improved responsiveness of the accelerator pedal, the driver has a subjective feeling of a clearly noticeable performance increase. Much more effective as chip tuning, because the power delivery and torque capacity is already fully available even in the low speed ranges. A positive side effect: the spontaneous response is reduced if the driving fuel consumption

The Power Converter may at any time, without leaving a trace, be removed and reinstalled in another Mercedes. Ideal for leased vehicles

  • Significant improvement of the performance potential and draft already at low engine speeds over the entire speed range
  • Response in three stages and regulated by pressing a button at any time can be switched off
  • Significantly improved responsive feel
  • Sprit save-if the driving style
  • No additional load on the engine, because there is no interference with the engine electronics
  • Noticeably powerful acceleration
  • Easy installation by plug and play connector
  • Anytime easily deinstallation
  • No disadvantages for vehicle, engine and electronics.

Fits following Mercedes C-Class Modells:

  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C180d
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C200d
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C220D
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C250d
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C160
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C180
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C200
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C250
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C250
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C300
  • Mercedes C-Class W205 C400

Mercedes C-Class W205 Tuning with a difference!