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High Performance Tuning Module Vmax Cancellation for Mercedes-AMG C43

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  • W205-LS-43-V
  • 3,00 kg
High-performance tuning module Performance and Vmax suspension for the Mercedes-AMGC-Class C43... more
Product information "High Performance Tuning Module Vmax Cancellation for Mercedes-AMG C43"

High-performance tuning module Performance and Vmax suspension for the Mercedes-AMGC-Class C43 AMG W205

With our performance, you have unlocked the full potential of the Mercedes C-Class C43 AMG. More power, higher torque and a higher final speed by simultaneously canceling the Vmax throttle for even more sovereignty on road and racetrack. This is high-performance motortuning at its finest.

The tuning software integrates fully into the system C-Class C43 AMG and works hand in hand with the engine control unit. Thus, the protective functions remain behind to the error messages.
An add-on control unit that improves the performance of your Mercedes AMG engine without affecting durability.

Our tuning module is supplied with a vehicle-specific cable kit and the original plug is connected in the engine compartment. An installation manual with the individual steps and pictures, such as a vehicle-specific parts certificate.

The use of a hardware module does not require any manipulation of the original engine control unit and your Mercedes GLE Coupe always remains fully diagnostic and updateable and the tuning remains unchanged after a service update, unlike engine manipulators. The trackless retrofit for C-Class C43 AMG after the performance increase to standard stand is possible at any time. Quality made in Germany.

Mercedes C-Class C43 AMG
Data Series:
Power: 367HP
Torque: 520Nm
V-Max: 250km / h (restricted)

Data with performance increase:
Power: 430HP
Torque: 610Nm
V-Max: 285km / H

Bottom line! +63 PS +90 Nm +35 km / h

Fits ALL  Mercedes C-Class C43 AMG W205 Models

  • Mercedes-AMG C-Class C43 AMG Limousine
  • Mercedes-AMG C-Class C43 AMG Kobie


  • Electronic hardware module
  • Cable kit including OEM connectors
  • Illustrated installation instructions
  • Vehicle-specific parts inspection
  • warranty passport

Our high performance tuning module includes a warranty for the engine, gearbox and differential as well as other parts of 24 classes from the initial registration up to a running distance of 100,000 km. Another warranty extension.

The vehicle-specific parts certificate for the problem-free registration of the performance increase at the TÜV or another test center is of course included in the delivery.

A great Mercedes C-Class C43 AMG performance tuning part that leaves nothing to be desired