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High Performance Tuning Module Vmax Increase for Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe C253

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  • GLC-C253-LS-43-V
  • 3,00 kg
High Performance Tuning Module Performance increase and Vmax increase for the Mercedes-AMG... more
Product information "High Performance Tuning Module Vmax Increase for Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe C253"

High Performance Tuning Module Performance increase and Vmax increase for the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe C253

With our performance enhancement, you unlock the full potential of your Mercedes GLC 43 Coupe. More power, higher torque and increased top speed by simultaneously eliminating Vmax throttling for even more road and highway sovereignty. This is the finest high performance motor tuning.

The tuning software integrates fully automatically into the system of your GLC 43 AMG Coipe and works hand in hand with the engine control unit. Thus, the protective functions of your vehicle are completely preserved and there are no error messages.
An auxiliary control unit that improves the performance of your Mercedes-AMG engine without compromising durability.

Our tuning module is delivered with a vehicle specific cable set and connected to the original plugs in the engine compartment. Installation instructions with the individual steps and pictures are also part of the scope of delivery, as is a vehicle-specific parts certificate.

Using a hardware module does not require any manipulation of the original engine control unit, and your Mercedes GLC 43 AMG Coupe remains fully diagnostic and updatable at all times. The engine tuning remains, unlike manipulated engine control units, fully maintained after a service update. The trackless retrofitting of their GLE 43 AMG Coupe after the performance increase to standard status is possible at any time. Quality made in Germany.

Mercedes GLC 43 AMG Coupe C253

Data Series:
Power: 367hp
Torque: 520Nm
V-Max: 250km / h (regulated)

Data with performance improvement:
Power: 430hp
Torque: 610Nm
V-Max: about 285km / h

Bottom line! approx. +63 hp +90 Nm +35 km / h

Performance and torque, mileage, and fuel consumption figures are based on calculations and measurements based on manufacturer information and may vary based on vehicle series tolerances, vehicle equipment, and environmental conditions, such as air pressure and temperature.

  • Electronic Hardware Module GLC 43 AMG
  • Cable set including OEM connectors
  • Illustrated installation instructions
  • vehicle-specific parts certificate
  • warranty passport

Our high performance tuning module includes a warranty for engine, transmission and differential as well as other parts from 24 months from first registration up to a mileage of 100,000 km. In addition, we offer a further warranty extension.

Of course, the vehicle-specific parts certificate for the trouble-free registration of the increase in performance at the TÜV or another test center is part of the scope of delivery.

A great Mercedes GLC 43 AMG Coupe Performance tuning part that leaves nothing to be desired