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Thread Springs for Mercedes-AMG C63 T-Model

Thread Springs for Mercedes-AMG C63 T-Model

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  • W205-C63-GF-T
  • 30,00 kg
Height-adjustable suspension springs for the Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S T-Model Better... more
Product information "Thread Springs for Mercedes-AMG C63 T-Model"
Height-adjustable suspension springs for the Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S T-Model

Better visibility and even more driving dynamics with the tapped springs for the new C63 AMG and C63 S AMG

The perfect alternative to conventional lowering with normal suspension springs are our brand new spring-loaded springs for the Mercedes-AMG C63 T-Model. The threaded springs allow you not to be satisfied with a given lowering of 30 or 40mm as with conventional springs, but can adjust the vehicle height after installation. In the installed state, you can adjust your subtle desire lay.

Our threaded spring set not only gives your Mercedes C Class AMG T-Model a more dynamic look through the lowering, but also a more agile steering and response to the serine running gear. The complete serial functions of the adaptive series are retained by our thread springs which are precisely matched to the C205 AMG T-Modell.
No more conventional 25-25 or 40-40 chassis! The lowering can be adjusted according to personal preference at the front axle 5 - 25mm and at the rear axle 15 - 35mm.

The threaded springs are made of high-performance chrome-silicon spring steel and are sealed with a high-quality coating which allows them to withstand rain and salt for a long time.
  • Individual height adjustment of the standard chassis
  • Made of chrome-silicon steel in original equipment quality
  • Existing adaptive damper control remains active
  • Specially designed for the C205 AMG T-Modell
  • Better deflection behavior
  • More beautiful and sporty look
Lowering front: 5-25mm

Lowering of front axle: 15-35mm

  • Suspension springs with adjuster front axle
  • Suspension springs with adjuster rear axle
  • Dust caps and stopbuffer
  • Vehicle specific report

A perfect Mercedes-AMG C63 T-Model tuning part that leaves nothing to be desired.