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Power-Converter for Mercedes GLC X253 und GLC Coupe

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  • MB-PCCS-X253
  • 3,50 kg
Gas pedal box Power-Converter for the Mercedes GLC X253 and the GLC Coupe Our accelerator... more
Product information "Power-Converter for Mercedes GLC X253 und GLC Coupe"
Gas pedal box Power-Converter for the Mercedes GLC X253 and the GLC Coupe

Our accelerator pedal module is inserted between the accelerator pedal. The slow response time caused by the electronic accelerator pedal is completely lifted and, at the same time, the acceleration is significantly improved. The power converter has four pre-programmed driving modes "SPORT", "SPORTPlus", "CITY" and "OFF" which enable the driver to adjust the response of the accelerator pedal to suit the respective traffic situation.

Due to the improved responsiveness of the accelerator pedal, the driver feels subjectively the feeling of a clearly noticeable performance increase. More effective than chip tuning, because the power output and torque performance is already already present in the low speed ranges. Positive side effect: the spontaneous response reduces the fuel consumption when the driving is appropriate

The gas module can be removed at any time, without leaving any traces, and can be installed again in another Mercedes. Ideal for leasing vehicles
  • Significantly improved performance potential and pull-through from low speeds
  • Response can be controlled in three steps and can be switched off at any time by pressing a button
  • Significantly improved adjustment behavior
  • Spray cleaning with appropriate driving
  • No additional load on the motor since there is no intervention in the motor electronics
  • Noticeable powerful acceleration
  • Easy installation through plug and play plug connection
  • Can be easily retrofitted at any time
  • No disadvantages for vehicle, engine and electronics.
Fits the following Mercedes GLC X253 and GLC Coupe models:

Mercedes GLC 250 4MATIC
Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC
Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC
Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC
Mercedes GLC 220d 4MATIC
Mercedes GLC 250d 4MATIC
Mercedes GLC 350d 4MATIC
Mercedes GLC 350e 4MATIC

Mercedes GLC 250 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes GLC 220d 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes GLC 250d 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes GLC 350d 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes GLC 350e 4MATIC Coupe

Mercedes GLC X253 Accelerator pedal of the special kind!